A little about the BBB

How We Serve

The Better Business Bureau believes that a business community committed to ethical business practices, coupled with an educated and informed public are the keys to building a trustworthy marketplace. While the BBB provides a number of services to the public, the primary goal is to deliver consumers to trustworthy businesses.

We do this by:

BBB Accredited Business: BBB Accredited Businesses enjoy the privilege of displaying a visible sign of their commitment to high standards. The membership certificate and decal demonstrate to customers their dedication to good business.

Business Profiles: Providing information about individual companies, including customer experience with the company, the company's history of responsiveness to matters presented by the BBB; including advertising issues, and customer disputes. All BBB Accredited Businesses receive and must maintain a satisfactory experience record.

Dispute Resolution Programs: Trained professionals assist businesses with maintaining an effective line of communication with customers by serving as a neutral third party in a dispute situation.

Advertising Review: Year-round efforts to monitor advertising in the marketplace, assisting business to correct potential problems.

Seminars and Workshops: The BBB regularly provides BBB Accredited Businesses with staff and management training opportunities on a variety of business and customer service topics.

Information Source: The wealth of information housed by the Better Business Bureau is available to BBB Accredited Businesses at any time, including information about businesses in other states.
In addition the BBB works closely with government agencies to keep the community informed on changes in regulations, unethical activities or illegal business practices.

Why We're Important To You And Your Customer

The BBB's history of resolving marketplace problems and fostering sound business practices through self-regulation, rather than government regulation, gives the BBB name instant recognition. To the public, it's a synonym for credibility. The BBB seal and certificate are an instant introduction of a BBB Accredited Business to the public.