Book Your Vacation With Confidence


Looking for a bargain vacation in a hurry? Beware! Bargain-priced vacations are not always what they appear to be. There may be hidden fees and details making the low price a way to bait you in.


If you want a vacation that matches your dreams and your budget, learn how to carefully evaluate vacation and travel offers.


BBB’s best advice is to research different options and ask questions about accommodations, fees and other obligations. Don’t call the number on that unsolicited fax offering a great vacation or click on the link until you have had time to check them out.


Bookmark these tips before booking your next vacation:


  • Be aware travel packages might require travel during restricted dates and times.
  • Quality and location of accommodations may not match advertised photos.
  • If listening to a timeshare option will you be staying at the timeshare resort or offsite?
  • The company may also reserve the right to change accommodations without consulting you. Find this in the fine print and ask about it.
  • While seemingly cheap, travel package plans may fail to cover basic expenses -- such as transportation to and from the destination, meals, accommodations, and taxes. Reservation and cancellation requirements may also be restrictive.
  • Request information about all accommodations, any costs not covered by the package and reservation and cancellation policies before sending any money.
  • Compare costs with several offers before making a commitment.
  • When possible, verify all costs before you leave. Negotiate any discrepancies before they are charged to your credit card.
  • Finally, don’t let all that hard work planning your vacation be lost. Before you leave, verify all reservations and confirmation numbers.