Referral Program

Pass along the Trust and save $50 on your next Accreditation fee or toward your next advertisement with BBB.

 Do you know a trustworthy business that would benefit from BBB's Accreditation? Refer an eligible company to BBB and receive $50 off your Accreditation fees or advertising with BBB through digital or print!

All Accredited Businesses are invited to refer a company to BBB for Accreditation. All referrals must meet the following criteria:

  • The company must have been in business for at least six months;
  • The company must have a B rating or better on their BBB Business Profile;
  • The company must be committed to operating under trustworthy and ethical business practices at all times. 



The Accredited referring business will receive $50 off only after the referred company has been approved for Accreditation by BBB | Akron. There is no limit to the amount of acceptable referrals an individual Accredited Business may submit. Each referral will result in the issuance of a separate $50 credit. The referred business must: 

  • Complete the BBB Accreditation Application in full.
  • Sign the BBB Accreditation Agreement and agree to the BBB's Code of Business Practices.
  • Pay Accreditation fees - annual or monthly payment available.
  • Fulfill the BBB's "New Accredited Business" screening requirements. 
  • Receive approval for Accreditation by the BBB Board of Directors.


You may send your completed form (the form can be found here or at the link above) to BBB | Akron at

Your $50 credit will be automatically applied to your next BBB expenditure once the referred company has been approved for Accreditation. 

Thank you for helping expand our community of trustworthy businesses!