BBB Institute For Education & Ethics

Making A Difference in Acadiana

Better Business Bureau Serving Acadiana is proud to announce the launching of “The Institute for Education and Ethics.”

BBB created this foundation to make Acadiana a better place to live and work and the institute is an independent, non-profit corporation financed through fund raising activities, the generosity of Acadiana businesses and grants.

The Institute for Education and Ethics' mission is to empower Acadiana to make informed decisions on business, consumer and ethical issues.  Our vision is to be the leader in ethics, integrity and trust through educational programs and resources. 

The way we achieve these goals is through educational programs offered to our local community of businesses, consumers, and students free of charge. There is no better way to aid our community than by arming our businesses, consumers, and the next generation of leaders with the information they need to protect and empower themselves.

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BBB Institute for Education & Ethics

4007 W. Congress St., Lafayette, LA 70563

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