Unclaimed Money/Property Schemers Calling Big Country Residents

July 11, 2017

The interesting thing is that there really is unclaimed money and unclaimed funds available in all 50 states. Much of it belonging to people who have passed away. And much of it is just forgotten.

Often the offer is for a fee “we will help find your money/property”, then the caller may ask for your banking route number, account number, or other important piece of your identity. Wait do not do that!!

Here is the rest of the story…… you can do this search for free yourself by going to these state sanctioned sites: www.unclaimed.org, www.missingmoney.com, or www.claimittexas.org .   So, this can be a do it yourself (DIY project).

Texas requires institutions, businesses and governmental entities to report unclaimed money or property that has been abandoned or unclaimed for up to five years, depending on the property in question. Returning that property to its rightful owners in one of the duties of the Teas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

Your BBB suggests the following advice when those unclaimed money/property callers come calling:

  1. Ignore email and call notifications. State unclaimed property offices do not email or call unclaimed property owners.
  2. Do not give out your banking or personal information. Ask for the offer in writing via mail and do some research yourself before giving personal information or advanced fees.
  3. Avoid paying a fee. Looking yourself is free!
  4. Search certified data bases only. See the URLs listed above.

Call your BBB 325-691-1533 or visit our web site www.bbb.org/abilene for more information.