BBB Alert: Local Big Country Seniors called, "Your I cloud is compromised"

July 26, 2017

Senior on phoneLocal seniors are being called and asked for advanced fees to fix a problem on their computer if only you would “let us in to fix your Apple account”.  See below for one example of this:

BBB warns do not let firms strange to you into your computer system and if you need help with yours give us a call for local firms to help with that.

This content is based on victim and potential victim accounts. Government agencies and legitimate business names and phone numbers are often used by scam artists to rip you off.

Scam Type:
Tech Support Scam

Date Reported:
Jul 07, 2017

Victim Postal Code:

Total Dollars Lost:

Scam Description:
My parents phone was called and they told my stepmother that the computer needed repair. A man identified himself as Henry told her she needed to enter some codes into her computer to fix it. Soon after, charges started to show up on their checking acct. the last one had the name ****** ******** ********* for $2000. This triggered a search and we found that a remote program control had been placed on the computer called "supremo" that allowed them to access and control the computer from their office.

Call this BBB for help 325-691-1533 (, or visit our site to report any scams you may experience.