Tips on Security Systems

Sumer Time is Security System Time
May 13, 2015

The BBB has been receiving phone calls from home owners about out of state alarm companies with door to door sales crews in the area. The BBB suggests that if you are not interested in an alarm system don’t let the salesman in your home. 

If you are interested in agreeing to an alarm contract the BBB offers these tips:

  • Some companies will offer an “free” alarm.  Equipment and installation may be free (make sure this is in writing) there is a monthly monitoring fee. Make sure you compare ALL costs.
  • The City of Abilene requires all alarms be registered with the Abilene Police Dept. & there is an annual fee, too many false alarms can result in a response fee.
  • Consider service after the sale especially for companies with no local address.
  • Study the contract carefully noting, installation price, monthly price, length of contract (most are for at least 2-years), and early cancellation fees.
  • Federal Trade Commission rules allows a 72 hr. early cancellation which should be in writing and mailed to the alarm company certified return receipt requested.
  • Don’t sign until you are ready to buy, don’t buy until you’ve shopped around, if it’s a good deal today it will be a good deal tomorrow.