Counterfeit Money in Area

Bogus bills are circulating in our area.
June 02, 2015

The Abilene Better Business Bureau is advising all businesses to be on the lookout for counterfeit $100, $50 & $20 bills.  Abilene police report a steady increase in the numbers of the bogus bills over the past few weeks.  NOW, is a good time to review the various security features of these bills with your staff. 
Abilene police & U.S. Treasury offers these tips on security features in these bills.

  • Color Shifting Ink – Tilting the bill to different angles will cause the numbers in the lower right to shift from Copper to Green.
  • Security thread. Verify the presence of a thin strip running from top to bottom to the left of the portrait on newly designed bills. It is visible only when you hold the bill up to a light source. This is a magnetic strip embedded in the bill.
  • Water Mark – Picture of the watermark should match picture on bill.

If you suspect the bill is counterfeit you should do the following:

KEEP the bill from the passer & don’t handle any more than necessary
DELAY the passer by some excuse if possible.
TELEPHONE the police or the U.S. Secret Service.
OBSERVE the passers description and that of any companion or vehicle used.
DOWNLOAD any available video to a disc for police pickup.
WRITE your initials and the date on the bill, and surrender the bill only to the police or the U.S. Secret Service.
YOU are the first line of defense against counterfeiters!

If you spot of one of these counterfeit bills please contact the Abilene Police department at 673-8331.