Why Get Accredited?


Why Should You Seek BBB Accrediation?

If you qualify, BBB Accreditation:

  1. Tells customers with money in and that they can be confident spending it with you.
  2. Sets you apart from businesses that haven't sought or don't qualify for it.
  3. Affirms to your employees that they work for a company committed to doing the right thing.

Once you've earned BBB Accreditation, you can:

  1. Proudly display the trusted BBB seal in your ads, on your website, on your vehicles, and your social media channels.
  2. Upload five photos of your work facilities to your BBB Business Review report at no charge.
  3. Be listed free of charge in our print and online directories.
  4. Take advantage of member-only advertising oppurtunities.
  5. Receive alerts about scams and bad businesses that may victimize your company and employees.
  6. Provide your employees a dedicated number to call to access the BBB's services.
  7. Pay your accreditation fees one time a year or in easy monthly installments.

Think your business qualifies for BBB Acreditation?

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