How To Increase Your Revenue With Call To Action Buttons

April 22, 2015

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              E-commerce is growing exponentially. As online                                                                                                                                                  marketers, it is your goal to convert traffic into sales. If you can direct your target market to take significant actions, you are one step ahead of your competition. Increase your revenue like never before by improving your call to action (CTA) buttons such as “Request A Quote”and “Buy Now.”

Understand the Psychology

According to media professionals, the color orange boosts conversion rates by more than 32.5 percent while red increases it by 21 percent. When choosing colors for your call-to-action buttons, go for shades that stand out and make a statement. However, make sure that they don’t clash with your background. You can even perform a glance test to know which colors attracts your visitors.

Right Size Matters

Bigger isn’t always better. Your call to action button should be big enough to be clickable, but not too large to look cliche or cheap.

Limit Your Selection

If you want your customers to choose from more than one button, limit their choices to two.  Based on several studies, too many choices create paralysis wherein people end up choosing nothing because they're overwhelmed. You can influence your visitors’ behavior by presenting them with smart, simple choices.

Make Your CTA Button Clickable

If you want your visitors to click your CTA button, they must see it as being clickable. Gray colored CTA buttons have lower conversion rates since they look disabled. Thus, consider creating buttons with a 3D effect, a contrasting color, or a feedback hover. You actually have several choices.

Personalize Your Button

Have some fun, and personalize your buttons.  Conversion rates tend to increase by 213.16 percent  with a relevant button rather than a generic one. Make sure your own button conveys your brand image well so that people can easily identify and make significant actions.

Call-to-action buttons are helpful tools in attracting customers and increasing sales. You just need to be creative to receive its full potential. With better strategies on your side, you’re ready to see your sales grow considerably!