Need A Contractor?

Here are a few tips to help you find a contractor you can trust!
March 25, 2014

Look for the Torch! An Accredited Business has met the BBB Standards for Trust. Check with BBB for the company's Business Review and Grade.

Shop Around! Be sure to get a least 3 written estimates. You can call BBB for a list of reliable companies in every industry.

Check Insurance! A business should be able to provide a copy of their Worker's Compensation and liability insurance policies.

Ask For References! Ask a business to provide a list of references and be sure to check on those references.

Don't Feel Pressured! Unscrupulous companies will try to pressure a customer. If you feel pressured by a company, don't hire them!

Get It In Writing! Once you have a hired a company, be sure to get the details in writing. This should include the work to be completed, the total cost of labor and materials and the date of completion. Be sure to thoroughly read the contract and keep a copy of the signed contract for your records.

Create A Payment Schedule! Never pay the contractor for the entire job in advance and avoid paying cash whenever possible. Create a payment plan and be sure the schedule is included in the contract.

Building Permits! If the project requires a building permit, the contractor should apply for the permit in the company's name. For questions about permits, contact your local zoning office.

Check Licensing! Not all industries require licensing, but if the work requires electrical, HVAC, plumbing or gas line work, a license is required. Ask the contractor to provide a copy of any required licenses.

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