Warmer Weather Brings High Pressure Sales to Your Doorstep

March 18, 2013

Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to be cautious of door-to-door salespeople that use high-pressure sales tactics to pitch their products. Consumers have told the BBB they have received these sales calls from home improvement contractors and people selling magazines or home security systems.

Some examples of high pressure sales tactics include hostile and persuasive rebuttals to consumer concerns, deep discounts offered upon immediate payment and refusal to take “no” for an answer.

While many businesses utilize door-to-door marketing tactics, BBB reports the following industries consistently garner a high number of complaints during the spring and summer months.

If visited by a door-to-door sales representative, BBB recommends consumers do the following:

·Be safe. Ask for identification before you open the door.

·Be wary of high-pressure sales tactics. These sales tactics include an emotional appeal to buy magazines or by scaring a consumer into purchasing a security system. A trustworthy company should let you take time to think about the purchase and compare prices before buying or putting down a deposit.

·Research the company with BBB. Visit bbb.org to view the company’s Business Review to find out more about the company’s marketplace performance. If you have a smart phone, you can download and use the BBB app to access the company’s report while the person is standing at your door, or visit m.bbb.org.

·Get transaction details in writing. Be sure you receive a contract or receipt explaining the details of your purchase and all the terms and conditions that apply.

·Remember the “Three-Day Cooling-Off Rule.” The Federal Trade Commission’s Three-Day Cooling-Off Rule gives consumers three days to cancel purchases of more than $25 that are made in their home or at a location that is not the seller’s permanent place of business. Along with a receipt, the salesperson should always provide a cancellation form that can be sent to the company to cancel the purchase within three days. By law, the company must give consumers a refund within 10 days of receiving the cancellation notice.

To check the reliability of a company and find trustworthy businesses, visit bbb.org.