Accreditation Benefits


BBB Business Review Thousands of potential customers look to the BBB for trustworthy businesses. Your customizable Business Review allows your customers to check your BBB Grade, view pictures, videos, contact information and more.

BBBOnline The BBB Accredited Business Seal on your website will help drive traffic to your website and show you have met the BBB Standards for Trust.

Referrals Consumers contact the BBB every day to find TRUSTWORTHY businesses in every industry. BBB offers Accredited Business Referrals, by industry, to your potential customers at not charge.

Sponsored Priority Listings  Sponsored Priority Listings in the BBB Online Directory are at the top of every industry listing.  Each Sponsored Priority Listing features a company logo with links to your BBB Business Review, Request a Quote and website.

Search Engine Solutions with Google  The BBB has created a unique marketing program, Search Engine Solution (SES). You will have the opportunity to feature your business on the exclusive BBB link found on Google search results.  The BBB's Google program was created especially for businesses who want an edge online.  Limited number of spots and categories are available.

WorkLife by Meridian Community Care Make a positive impact on the health and wellness of your employees and save money!  In your first year, your business will receive one FREE training for a wellness, nutrition or other available programs, five vouchers for FREE drug screens and on-site flu vaccines (business is responsible for paying for the vaccines).  In subsequent years, your business will receive on-site flu vaccines (business is responsible for paying for the vaccines).  This is a $350 value – FREE to BBB Accredited Businesses!  Call WorkLife by Meridian at 330.797.0074 today!

Request A Quote Consumers using can directly Request a Quote or obtain more information from a BBB Accredited Business. Another way the BBB is bringing business to your bottom line!

Sheakley Sheakley offers discounted Workers' Compensation programs, Payroll Services and more! Call Mark Pallo at 1.800.820.7292 for more information.

Modern Office Products Who can deliver savings to your door? Modern Office Products can! At the end of each three-month period, your business will receive a credit for 2.5% of the previous quarter’s purchases*, 50% off all furniture delivery charges and will be contacted by email for periodic promotions and free gifts. Start saving today! Place your order with Modern Office Products 330.797.2600 or visit for more information! *Contact Modern Office for credit terms. Exludes copy paper.

Colonial Life Insurance Colonial Life offers Guarantee Issue Short Term Disability with no medical questions to Accredited Businesses with as little as 3 employees. Call Andy Detesco with James & Sons Insurance at 330.788.5051 or email for information.

Bravo Payment Systems Bravo Payment Systems is a full service payment processing company with services that include credit and debit card processing, electronic check services, electronic benefit transfer,s equipment sales, supplies, gift card programs and more. Contact Joseph Thomas at 724.584.7121 or email for more information.

The Torch BBB e-newsletter is sent to your inbox 6 times annually, bringing you the latest BBB news, tips, updates and more!

Super Posters BBB offers 2 posters that have all of your state and federal required workplace postings.

Arbitration & Mediation The BBB's Dispute Resolution Service works with both the business and the consumer to resolve marketplace issues.

FedChex With a collection ratio of 85% and no monthly per check fees, FedChex helps Accredited Businesses!  Visit today!