Beware Fake Airline Vouchers Arriving in Your Mailbox

September 03, 2013

If you receive a postcard or letter stating you've been selected to receive two round-trip airfare tickets to anywhere in the U.S., don't believe it. It's a scam.

Better Business Bureau® Serving Northern Colorado and Wyoming warns that consumers are again receiving fraudulent airfare vouchers in the mail for two round-trip airline tickets to anywhere in the United States. The check voucher, often for $1,200 to $1,400,  appears legitimate and may list “US Airlines,” “American Airways” or “American TAD” as the issuing travel companies. None of these airlines exist.

The mailer also includes a phone number and a deadline to redeem the voucher. The letter may claim “we have attempted contacting you on several occasions. This will be your last chance to respond.” Recipients are instructed to call and redeem the voucher for a travel certificate, but in the end, are giving schemers access to personal information.

BBB advises:

  • Never give your credit card number, Social Security number or bank account information to pay for fees, taxes or shipping costs for anything that you may have won or are getting for free. A true sweepstakes will not make its winner pay fees.

  • Do not provide personal information to claim prizes or to sign up for free trials.

  • Check your bank statements and credit cards on a regular basis for unauthorized charges.

  • Carefully review your credit report for suspicious activity, especially if you have provided personal information to an unknown source. To obtain free credit reports, visit