Phony Classified Ad Claims United Way Will Pay Your Utilities

August 16, 2013

Better Business Bureau® Serving Northern Colorado and Wyoming is advising area residents to be wary of online classified ads that purport to be from an organization associated with United Way that will help pay your utility bills.

An ad that appeared on Craigslist read like this:

My name is: Corey and help is one call away.  Get the help you need today. What are you waiting for. Do you have bills, of course you do.  Electric, Water, Cable, Cell Phone, Rent, Whatever it is we can help.

The name of the company is United Funds of America. Derived from the Mother company United way.

Call now for help and free consultation. 18662377155

My name is Corey - You can reach me at that 800 number on the second extension

This is what we do, We pay in full and you pay half

Example: Bill is 800, we pay in full, you pay 400, that simple

When the number is called, the person on the other end asks for personal financial information, but hangs up if asked “Where does your money come from to pay my bill?” “Where are you located?” “Why do you need all my personal information?”

United Way is working to get the classified ads taken down. In the meantime, if you think you or someone you know has become a victim of this scam, contact your BBB at and your local police department.

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