Beware of Phony Eviction Notices

February 27, 2014

BBB®  Serving Northern Colorado and Wyoming warns that phony eviction notices are being sent via email to Northern Colorado residents. The email’s subject line is “Move out urgent notification” and reads:

Notice of eviction,

This notice is to inform you that your home has been foreclosed

on by the bank and you need to move out until March 21, 2014.

To make necessary arrangements you have to contact

us in the earliest possible time.

If you decide to cooperate and fulfill you obligations,

the bank will offer you a reasonable period of time for moving out.

Otherwise, you will be evicted in an administrative proceeding.

Please do contact us in the shortest possible time.

Enclosed is the detailed statement of the bank.

Real estate agency,

Ava ***

Should you receive a similar “eviction notice,” your BBB advises not opening any links and/or attachments because they could download viruses or malware to your computer in an attempt to steal financial information or your identity.

For an eviction to be authentic, landlords must give a written three-day demand notice that is posted on the door, mailed or handed to someone in the household over 15 years old.