BBB: Give the Boot to Downandup Computer Worm

January 22, 2009

Your Better Business Bureau warns PC users that a new, vicious worm is infiltrating computers at an alarming rate. By mid-January, more than 9 million computers have been infected and that number continues to increase by the millions -- even though Microsoft issued a security patch last October.

The worm goes by the names Downandup, Downadup, Kido! and Conficker and is delivered via infected USB drives. The worm tricks users into running the virus by modifying the way “autorun” works when a USB device is plugged in. Once installed, the virus spreads via a now-patched flaw in the Windows networking system and can quickly infect an office and beyond

The best defense against the worm is to install the Windows security patch and turn off autorun. Browsing the USB drive manually will not install the virus. If you’ve already caught the virus, run antivirus software immediately. It may need to be updated to rid your machine of the virus.

Additional information about Downandup/Conficker virus is available at and on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Web site at

Your BBB recommends installing and updating antivirus software regularly.