BBB: Are You Prepared for the DTV Conversion?

January 18, 2009
 Despite widespread awareness of the nationwide transition to digital television, many consumers are still unprepared for the switch. To help make the change easier, your BBB and the National Association of Broadcasters answer frequently asked questions:

Is it too late to get the $40 coupon from the government for buying a converter box? No, but at this late date, there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive the coupon in time to buy a box before the switch to DTV.

Where do I go for more information on getting a coupon? Consumers can go to for more information on the switch to DTV and instructions on how to get a coupon.

My coupon expired. Can I get another one? Coupons expire after 90 days and are not replaceable. Two per household are issued.

Can I continue viewing closed captioning after my converter box is installed? Yes. The FCC has a guide that lists selected features, including closed-captioning, for a number of converter boxes (

I lost some of the channels I used to get. What should I do? After hooking up a converter box to your TV set, or installing a new digital TV set, scan for channels to ensure you receive all digital stations broadcasting in your area. Some channels will move after Feb. 17, so you may need to rescan again.

Will I still need an antenna to receive DTV over-the-air? You will still need an antenna to continue watching free, over-the-air television after the digital transition. In general, the same type of antenna that gives you good quality analog TV signals now will also provide reliable DTV reception. To help determine which outdoor antenna is best for you, visit

How do I know which antenna to buy? Most DTV stations use UHF channels while some stations might continue broadcasting on VHF. In this case, you will need a combination VHF/UHF antenna. Receiving VHF and UHF requires different types of antennas. If your existing antenna is VHF-only, then you will need to replace it.

For more information on the DTV transition, go to or call 1-800-DTV-2009.

Start With Trust. Before making a purchasing decision, consumers should first check the company out at or call 970-484-1348 or 800-564-0371.