TRUST! Assessment

An ethical enterprise builds trust and higher performance in the marketplace. Studies of numerous organizations over the last two decades show that high-trust organizations generate:

  • Greater productivity in the workplace
  • Creativity (innovation) in the workplace
  • Loyal employees (lower turnover)
  • Committed suppliers and vendors
  • Repeat business and newly referred business

The BBB Trust! Assessment is an excellent all-employee tool to diagnose and determine next steps for building a trust-advancing culture in your organization. Responses highlight areas for celebration and for improvement and leadership is supported every step of the way.

The BBB Trust! Assessment is:

Easy - Employees are directed to a company-confidential URL.

Quick - It takes just 15 minutes to complete

Confidential - Anonymous responses are used to generate a summary report

Affordable - Organizations pay $50-$600 based on company size.

Turnkey - Employee communication templates are provided along with simple instructions to help initiate the survey, interpret the results and guide plans for building an even more ethical enterprise.

Powerful - The survey can be taken annually with comparative data and trend data subsequently available to help companies monitor progress and results.

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