In Pursuit of Ethics
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This program uses real-life situations in an entertaining way to create in-depth discussions of ethical issues and character traits that guide ethical decision-making. It works like this: A video is played for students that sets up an ethical dilemma. The group engages in facilitated discussion using a character framework and collectively makes decisions that guide the direction of the program. Subsequent videos play out different scenarios depending on the direction the group selects.

Current video modules deal with these seven situations

Baseball Dad
A father and son receive more cash from the bank than they request. They face the decision of either keeping the money because it is a mistake or return the extra money to the bank.

An employee in charge of insurance decisions tries to save the company money by seeking new coverage that may not meet their needs and in the process is offered a gift in exchange for her business.

An auto repair employee discovers that his employer is overcharging customers.

A high school athlete juggles competing demands and is struggling in academics. While taking an exam she receives a text message with answers.

A home-remodeling company contemplates spreading costs to other jobs in order to land a bid in a new subdivision.

A high school student experiences bullying at school and struggles to find a way to stop the harassment. Meanwhile, the boy's mother is bullying employees at work and must face the consequences for her actions.

TV Producer
A young TV producer accepts a job to make a commercial for a small shoe store and discovers that the owner is trying to take advantage of customers through deceptive advertising.

Training Program Content:

In Pursuit of Ethics explores numerous ethical issues that are encountered in today’s world. By exploring these issues, participants learn answers to such questions as:

  • What would I do when presented with a particular ethical challenge?

  • Do I have the courage to do the right thing even when I really don’t want to?

  • Do I understand how my behavior impacts others?


Current Program Supporters:

Daniels Fund

                               Walker Mowers

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