3/20/2014 I rented the 'Twin Peaks Overlook' home from Second Home Vacation Rentals for two nights: February 28 and March 1. This home is 3 bedrooms, 3 baths. There were 6 of us. It was advertised as having a well-equipped kitchen, wood stove, pellet stove, bar-b-que grill. We planned to use all of them. We were not told before arriving that we would need to bring our own cutting board, wood and propane to use these devices. We were also not forewarned that the water supply was short and that it could take some time to recover. There was a pellet stove in the basement that had pellets, but were not able to get it to operate in spite of reading the manual. The home was plenty warm; just didn't have the ambience we were looking forward to. We arrived on Friday night; disappointed to not be able to have a fire or a cutting board to use to prepare dinner (we used a ceramic plate!). None of took a shower on Friday. Three of stayed home on Saturday; three went skiing. The three of us who stayed home took showers, but by the third shower there was no more water! The three who skiied all day were not able to shower upon their return home. There was a book in the home that explained that the water could need time to recover, but we were not told this BEFORE renting. We went to use the grill on Saturday night only to find out that there was no propane! The home was quite lovely. I wish I had a way to tell the owners how poorly managed it is. I called Susan at Second Home Second Chance on Sunday, March 2, on our drive home to explain all of these things to her. She barely had the time to listen to me and just told me that it was MY fault for not letting her know sooner; that there was nothing she could do about it at that time. No apologies were offered for our inconveniences. If we were told of these things beforehand, we could have brought wood, cutting board; not planned to grill and maybe wouldn't have rented this unit because of the water issue. Nothing was ever mentioned! This was not an inexpensive rental. I expect more from my vacation rentals. I would not recommend renting from this business.
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by chaile on 3/20/2014 | Submit a Customer Review
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