9/28/2013 The tech reported that he came to the business. He did not notify anyone at the business that he was one the roof doing work. He then billed the business. We tried to have the tech meet with us on the roof, but the company stated that he and his entire crew resigned. We talked to the business to have someone verify by phone, picture and then rebill. The company never us until they called stating that the bill was over due and that they planned to bill 20% extra fee on the bill. The company is by far the worst company I have ever worked with.
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by Ryan G. on 9/28/2013 | Submit a Customer Review


Comment from the Business Our business manager ***** met with the ***** *** store manager following the complaint saying we had not done the work. The meeting was to take the place of the pictures that were requested and was originally set with Mr. ******** himself. I believe he is the area manager. He is also the one who hired us for this and another job at a different site. Instead, he chose to have his store manager meet with us. ***** has a time stamped and geo-tagged video of the work that was taken on the date of this meeting. We will send this to the BBB and to Mr. ********. We asked our collections department to allow more time in this situation. We thought Mr. ******** would talk to his store manager who would pass on the results of the above meeting. This seems not to have happened. As to our tech – he is no longer with our company. The details will not be divulged due to private concerns, but it is verifiable. There was no “and his entire crew”. This was a "one man job", and the ***** *** store manager received a copy of our tech's time sheet at the meeting. Finally, our late payment policy is printed very clearly on our invoices. Payment is due upon completion. Unless previous arrangements have been made, accounts over 15 days late will be charged a $20 late fee (not 20% as Mr. ******** states), plus 1.75% interest per month. The invoice in question is more than 90 days overdue. We have not yet assessed this late fee, in consideration of the fact that we did have communication failures. It will begin to be assessed, however, if we do not receive payment. ***** **** Business Manager by on 9/29/2013

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