1/11/2014 Accounting services/bookkeeping: The course is not difficult and has very limited student work. There is no instructor lead class rather the course is in book form solely. The worst part of the system is the lack of communication with instructors. Either you call and leave a message or you write an email. If you call, you will be guided to leave a message. My course always stated calls after 3pm would be handled the next call center date/day. 3pm when? EST where I am or MST where the company is? Secondly you never know when you will receive your return call. You call and leave a message. There are still five hours before 3pm. You get stopped and can not go any further. You wait hours for a return phone call and waste all that time waiting. Hopefully you are able to receive the call or back again into the loop. Emails are just as bad if not worse. You send an email and receive a reply the next day. What if you have more questions or follow up? The next day you get your reply to the follow up. The confusion the emails generate throw you off your course work. This process eats up days at a time. Overall the course work is not complex and has very limited student work and examples. Quizzes are missed for grading and are not sent back in the mail for the student to review. This happened several times. This is not a college or university. It is not even a trade school rather it is a correspondence school. This is a for profit business. They are in existence to make money and a profit for the owner or stockholders. They may not necessarily have your best interest at heart. Do not rely on the education/training you receive from US Career Institute to meet the education requirements of employers. Rather use the courses to get a rudimentary understanding of the industry you are studying and instead sell your self. You will need to watch the billing. My shipping was supposed to be free however I was charged for it on my invoice. The student services agent told me that the system some times doesn't give the credits the program stated you would receive. I found that odd since the other two credits I was to receive were correctly presented on the invoice. Student services is less than enthusiastic. Your local community college will have most of the courses offered at US Career Institute. Some have certificate programs which are less than the requirements of an associates degree. There may be additional testing required after completing these courses depending on what field you are pursuing, such as professional licenses and/or certificates, regardless where you attended. The costs to attend community college may be higher and it may take longer to complete.(Example: 24 credit hours in eight months assuming you attend full time at 12 credit hours per semester. $80 per credit hour=$1920 tuition plus books and fees). Certificates are not degrees so you can run into employer concerns. The difference is the credibility of college and the curriculum. If community college is not a possibility then you end up with companies like US Career Institute. It is possible to complete the course well prior to the estimated time frame depending on your own skills and abilities. You may need to start your own business if you plan to work from home.
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Comment from the Business A large measure of a school’s quality is whether it is accredited by a bona fide accrediting body. In the United States, bona fide accrediting agencies are listed by the U.S. Department of Education. In order for a school to gain accreditation by one of these accrediting bodies, the school must prove it meets stringent education and business requirements. USCI is pleased to have proven it meets these requirements through gaining accreditation by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. USCI offers flexible, self-paced courses. Quizzes are graded by instructors and students are encouraged to call, email or write instructors with any questions throughout their studies. How often a student contacts an instructor is up to the individual student. Like most schools, our instructors have available office hours to return phone calls and emails. We regret the time zone for return calls caused confusion. All times are based on the school’s time zone, Mountain. We will update our voice mail greeting to clarify this. USCI realizes that people have different schedules, and we work with students who need phone calls outside of regular phone hours. We encourage students to indicate on the message a specific time to reach them by phone and we will make arrangements to meet their request. In Accounting Services, the first quiz is a multiple-choice quiz about the field in general. Subsequent lessons and quizzes cover different aspects of accounting, such as debits, credits, journals, depreciation, payroll processing, etc. By completing these lessons, the student is prepared for the final quiz, a practicum requiring the student to complete an entire accounting cycle for a fictitious company. All of the quizzes are graded and returned. If a student does not complete the entire quiz as instructed it is marked as incomplete and must be resubmitted for grading. Any correspondence over the holidays may have a delay in response time. Any error in question on a student’s account will be evaluated and corrected by our Student Services department if the situation requires an adjustment. U.S. Career Institute is highly dedicated to the success of its graduates. Many schools charge more because their student tuition must help support athletic programs, scientific research, etc. USCI focuses solely on educating students. USCI is so dedicated to its students that it offers a Success Promise®. The school also offers a risk free review period at the time of enrollment to determine if the course is a good fit for them. Thank you for the opportunity to respond. by on 1/15/2014

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