5/22/2014 My negative rating of Aspen Homes of Colorado is not due to any overt or sloppy construction issues. Although we do have warranty issues we have found during the first 30 days in our new Aspen home, I believe these issues will be resolved either by us or Aspens warranty company Pro Homes. My major negative complaint has to do with Aspen Homes of Colorado customer service during the final walk-through as well as after the sale. Aspen recently moved to using a warranty service provider, Pro Homes for all issues found during the final walk and at the 30 day and 11 month period after closing. Items found during our final walk-through and noted on our punch list have still not been resolved. Some of the items were major in work and required warmer weather to begin work. We hope that these major items will be resolved when the weather changes, to date that has not proven out true either. This in of itself leads me to my negative rating. Once we closed on the house on January 14, 2014, any question to Aspen homes was met with the statement “you need to go through Pro Homes. Calls to Pro Homes concerning items from the punch list were met with the statement “any punch list issues must be handled by the builder”. So, we are now stuck in a catch-22 situation where no one is handling the issues from our punch list. To add insult to injury if we have a question as simple as how to turn up the water heater to a level that allows for dishes to be sterilized or, to allow us to take a shower at a comfortable level as turning the shower handle all the way to hot only allows us to take a warm shower; we are told to put the question on the 30 day warranty schedule. When the Pro Homes agent came to validate the items we found after closing he put the information on a list and then a week later we receive an email stating that this particular item needs to be resolved by reading the owner’s manual or calling the manufacturer for an answer. This after we explained to the Pro Home agent that we had read the owner’s manual and the information was not in the manual. Feeling very frustrated we goggled the information and found a you tube video that helped us with the resolution. I feel it is ridiculous to spend 400K on a home and think I receive better customer service from a used car salesman which I purchased a 5 year old car than Aspen Homes of Colorado staff or, owners. My warnings to any one purchasing a home from Aspen Homes of Colorado is: Buyer Beware!!!!!! 1. Get every change you agree on in writing as you may find it forgotten or, an extra charge being sent your way. 2. Be meticulous when performing the final walk-through and do not close on the new home until all items on the list are fixed and closed to your satisfaction. 3. If the statement at closing is “we are not going to abandon you now that you closed” don’t believe it for a minute. There was only one person we worked with in this process that at least tried to live up to this standard and that was the realtor from the Group Inc. Unfortunately, her hands were tied. 4. If you want an answer to questions pertaining to appliances in your home become familiar with your manuals and the internet as you will receive more information from those two sources than Aspen Homes of Colorado staff. I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea on Pro Homes, they have been extremely diligent and as helpful as they are allowed to be when we have spoken to them; especially *******. If this had been our first Rodeo in buying a home I would have probably never bought another one. My daughter and her fiance just purchased a new home in Berthoud, Colorado for 1/3rd of the price we paid Aspen Homes of Colorado and their customer service has been immediate and impeccable. Although not all issues were fixed at least the builder (not a warranty company) contacted them and discussed why it was not covered. One question my daughter had was how to blow out the sprinkler system? They were not told to go to the manufacture but, instead the builder came over and showed them personally how to perform the work. This is the type of customer service I would expect for the price we paid. During our home search when we found the model we purchased we asked to see some homes that were already built. Even though there were a few to choose from only one of the owners allowed us to view their home. I thought nothing of it until after our purchase. Now I wonder if the lack of enthusiasm from the new owners was based on their lack of gratification in Aspen’s customer service as ours is now. Trust me, no one wanting to see our home in order to make a more informed decision on their purchase will be allowed a viewing. My advice to anyone wanting to buy a home is to go to R&R Homes of Colorado. From all of the people I have talked to their customer service after the sale is impeccable. If you still want to buy an Aspen home just BEWARE!!!!! and head my warning.
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by Patrick M. on 5/22/2014 | Submit a Customer Review
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