11/12/2013 I had ABC Concrete remove a 200 square feet concrete pad from the back of my home and replaced it with 660 feet of colored and stamped concrete. I did extensive research on the slope requirements because I have a hot tub that has a lot of weight and I was concerned with the slope of the concrete for proper drainage. I have had issues in the past with not having the correct slope and having water collect on the concrete and damage other items. The information I found was to have a slope between 1/4 - 3/8” per foot for proper drainage. I was concerned with the slope because of the water level in the tub but was more concerned with the water not draining and causing a problem with the bottom of the tub rotting out. I also found out that the tub could be shimmed up to make the water level. After having the tub filled I have not noticed a big difference with the slope and decided to not shim it up. I have had no problems with ABC concrete as a company or quality of work. I have sent several of my customers to ABC to have work done. There a wonderful company and went beyond normal service to get my job done quickly and on budget. They even worked on a Saturday to get it done without charging more for weekend work. *** *
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by Tye C. on 11/12/2013 | Submit a Customer Review
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