10/15/2013 I found my beautiful dress on Dora Grace's website. I immediately made an appointment to go and see it. I decided to buy the "sample" dress they had in the shop. I was told that is was a size 10. I knew I could get down to a size 10 in over a year no problem. I also asked the sales girl that if I couldn't get down to exactly that size would I still be able to make it work? She told me that even if I was a 12 it would be fine because of the corset back. I was super excited! I absolutely love that gown. Here's the bad thing, I was NEVER measured or told that wedding gowns run a size or 2 smaller. When we tried to contact the owner she would not help me out at all. She was storing my dress at her shop. All I wanted was to "return" that dress and buy a new one in the right size. "Sorry you didn't loose the weight you wanted to." I was pretty much told too bad so sad, and everything about the whole situation was my fault. The owner also told me that dress was being discontinued so she didn't want to take it back. The funny thing is that the owner was not there during this appointment. I have spoken with another dress shop and have been told multiple times that I can still order that dress with no problem. I would NEVER recommend this shop to anyone! Horrible customer service! Plus rude scathing emails! Thank you Dora Grace for making this just a negative experience.
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Comment from the Business I once again appreciate your feedback about your experience at my store. For clarification for anyone reading this review, we have several policies in place and paperwork on file that the bride signed and was made aware of at her time of purchase. We do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges on any gown purchased at the store because of the nature of this product. We also discuss sizing with anyone that makes a purchase at this store so that everyone is aware of the options ahead of time. Since the bride was getting a significant discount for buying a sample, she chose to buy our size 10 instead of ordering a new gown. I spoke with her mother previously on the phone and mentioned that she might really like this dress and even had the discussion that if she wanted to buy the sample that was a possibility but her mother said it would most likely be too small based on the sizing conversation we had over the phone. Yet she still chose to buy the sample, convinced she would be able to fit into it. Below is the email I sent in response to the bride's request for a refund. I don't believe it was "scathing" so I'm happy to share with others reading this. I'm also happy to answer questions about this incident as well as our store policies for purchasing an "off the rack" dress. Hi {bride}, I understand you’re frustrated that you did not lose as much weight as you anticipated. However, you were adamant at the time of buying the dress that you were going to fit into the sample and were elated that you were able to buy it at a discount. We generally don’t measure girls that buy a sample as there is no need because we are not special ordering you a dress based on your measurements. I’ve discussed this with my staff that helped you and I don’t believe anyone pressured you into buying the sample. We also made it clear that we could special order you a gown closer to your size so I can’t take responsibility for a decision you came to on your own. As I mentioned to your mom and your planner, this dress will be discontinued soon so selling it online may work out well for you as it will no longer be available in stores. Again, I’m sorry that you have ill feelings toward the store because of this. I hope you’re able to sell this dress and find the one of your dreams. Timiry Krieger Owner, Dora Grace Tel: 970-449-4088 doragrace.com by on 10/15/2013

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