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Fighting Fraud
Fighting Fraud

Scams against consumers and businesses generate billions of dollars each year for criminals. Fighting Fraud programming from the BBB Center for Fraud Prevention provides consumer and business groups with tools to create awareness about the latest frauds and scams and to help reduce their chances of becoming victims.

Services and outreach available:

  • Fraud Prevention Seminars

  • Upon request, BBB Center for Fraud Prevention staff speaks to various groups to share information on the latest scams affecting the community. Consumer fraud topics include identity theft, top scams targeting consumers, online safety and tech-savvy senior programs;  business fraud topics include business ID theft and scams that specifically target businesses

  • Referral and recovery information for scam and identity theft victims

  • When consumers and businesses fall victim to scams, it is important that they start the recovery process as soon as possible. BBB Center for Fraud Prevention provides direction on how to get started.

  • ConsumerBrief newsletter and Scam Alert email lists

  • ConsumerBrief is a monthly newsletter emailed to consumers and businesses that provides seasonal tips and fraud-awareness information. Updates from all BBB Centers of Excellence are included to give consumers additional marketplace information. In addition, we encourage consumers and businesses to sign up for emailed scam alerts distributed on an as-needed basis.

  • BBB Scam Stopper developed in partnership with Western Union, is an online tool designed to educate the community in the battle against scams. Consumers will find tips as well as information about the science of scams and the psychological tactics scammers use to prey on victims. 

    BBB Scam Stopper

For questions and information on how your company can support these programs, please contact Carrie Rossman at 970-488-2043 or