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Center for Fraud Prevention
BBB Center for Fraud Prevention provides education and outreach to organizations, consumers, businesses and the military to help protect them from prevalent financial scams and fraud.


BBB Military Line
BBB Military Line’s mission is to provide information, education and outreach both online and locally to military communities in the areas of financial literacy and consumer protection.

Fighting Fraud
BBB Scam StopperScams against consumers and businesses generate billions of dollars each year for criminals. Fighting Fraud programming from the BBB Center for Fraud Prevention provides consumer and business groups with tools to create awareness about the latest frauds and scams and to help reduce their chances of becoming victims.

Outsmarting Investment Fraud
BBB partners with the FINRA Investor Education Foundation to help prevent investment fraud, a growing concern as more and more people manage their own investments.


For more information regarding this program contact Hannah Button at or 970-488-2035.