Center for Character Ethics
BBB Center for Character Ethics advances positive ethics through a suite of programs for current and future workforces. Those programs give individuals the confidence to intentionally commit to leadership ethics and ethical enterprising.

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BBB Torch Awards for Ethics
BBB Torch Awards for Ethics, a national program of the BBB Center for Character Ethics, began in our local area in 1999 and the award has since been bestowed upon more than 80 businesses in BBB’s 38-county territory in Northern Colorado and Wyoming.

BBB/Rotary Ethics Scholarship
The BBB/Rotary Ethics Scholarship was established in 2002 to award $5,000 to a high school student in Northern Colorado or Wyoming. The program is a joint effort of the BBB Center for Character Ethics and Rotary Clubs in BBB’s service area that fall within Rotary Districts 5440, 5450 and 5470.

In Pursuit of Ethics 
In Pursuit of Ethics is an interactive training program for students, high school through college freshmen, that uses real-life situations in an entertaining way to create in-depth discussions of ethical issues.

EthicalEnterprising Trust Assessment
The BBBEthicalEnterprising Trust Assessment is an excellent all-employee tool to diagnose and determine next steps for building a trust-advancing culture in your organization. Responses highlight areas for celebration and for improvement and leadership is supported every step of the way. 

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