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BBB offers tips and useful information for teens - from age 13 to 19 and beyond

keyboard and credit cardOnline shopping or cyber-shopping means using your computer as a means to purchase items from e-store websites. These 'virtual" stores show pictures of items for sale along with the price. You pay for the items using a credit or debit card. Your purchases are then mailed to the shipping address you provide. Click here for some tips before you buy.


Be smart on social media - The information you post on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Google +, YouTube or other social media page can make you a  target for identity thieves, computer hackers and even stalkers. Click for tips on social media safety.


iphoneBefore you get a cell phone - Finding the perfect cell phone requires more than just picking out a color, size and ring tone. Check out these tips before you buy.

Cell phone safety is more important now than ever before. Check these tips and tricks to keep you safe on your cell phone.


Building credit after high school - Establishing your credit record doesn't have to mean opening a credit card. There are many other factors that comprise your credit report and help to build your credit.  Click here for five ways to start building a strong credit report record.

What is credit? Click here for important tips on credit.

id theftIdentity thieves target teens. According to a PBS report on identity theft, young people are now the #1 target. Most teens and young adults do not have credit histories. That makes a lucrative target for thieves who want to steal your fresh slate to take out loans or purchase clothes, cars, and vacations they never intend to pay for-all in your good name. Having your identity stolen can prevent you from getting your first driver's license or a student loan for college.

      Click here for information and tips to provent identity theft.

What to Teach Your Teens About Money
It’s never too early to start learning about healthy spending habits. Educating your teenagers on these 6 money saving practices can help them in the long run.


College Students: Ideal for Identity Theft - The Better Business Bureau deemed college students the “most at-risk” group for identity theft, and those in their 20s represented 1 in 5 of all victims (higher than any other age group), according to reports filed with the Federal Trade Commission.  College students and recent graduates are often targeted because they’re ideal victims. Find out why here.