Savvy Senior Scam Center

BBB warns of scams that target seniors and tips to protect yourself

Warning Signs & Tips for Caregivers

Every year, senior citizens are targeted by con artists. Many of these victims don’t ask for help until it is too late! Check out these 4 warnings signs and 4 tips to protect the senior you're caring for.


Guidelines for Giving Wisely to Charities

Charities are seeking contributions more than ever now due to ever-rising costs and demand for services. With the majority of the money raised by charities in this country coming from individuals, BBB offers this advice to help donors make wise giving decisions.

Spotting Heartstring Scams

Scammers are skilled at using tactics to pull at your heartstrings. Whether it's claiming a family member is in danger or someone you feel is close to you, be on the look-out for these common scams.


Spotting House and Home Scams

Unfortunately, scams preying on seniors often target their uncertainty about home ownership. Some may need to sell their home to move into a smaller place or with caregivers. Here are some tips to avoid falling prey to these scammers.


Outsmarting Investment and Financial Scams

Typically, seniors are on a fixed income, but may have a large lumpsum of money in the bank from savings. Scammers can take advantage of this. Be sure to beware of these scams and follow these tips to protect yourself.


Spotting Windfall Scams

From the lottery to employment, these common scams can be the worst of the worst because they cheat you out of hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars. Be sure to read all about these scams and follow these tips to protect yourself and loved ones.