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For Wisconsin BBB Accredited Businesses Only!

Our newest Webinar Series for accredited businesses focuses on Social Media. They are presented by Mr. Sonny Ahuja, a BBB Accredited business owner of Grand Perfumes and

Each webinar will be posted on this page for your reference after the live event is completed. Click on the webinar name to view the Powerpoint presentation and audio through Windows Media Player.

Twitter 101: 3 Basics That Will Help You Win Clients on Twitter

Twitter - Attracting New Customers, Clients or Patients at Will

Four Quick Ways Small Businesses Can Monetize Twitter

Blogging Basics

7 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Facebook Basics - Creating a Magnetic Profile

How to Make Money Legally on Facebook

LinkedIn Basics

LinkedIn Advanced

7 Ways to Increase Revenue with Your BBB Membership

How to Increase Sales with Videos During the Holidays

How to Run a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Upcoming webinars are listed below along with the date of the live event.

Interested in attending one of our free webinars? Email Liz Fredrichs at She will email you an invitation before the event.

About Sonny

Sonny has over 50,000 followers on Twitter and shares his tips on how to grow your business using this social media platform.  The first in this series focuses on the “3 basics that will help you win clients on Twitter”. Some basic knowledge of this social media platform is useful. To further understand the basic Twitter platform, we encourage you to click here to review basic terminology and profiles. Future webinars will increase your effectiveness in reaching new clients through Twitter. Check back every month to see the new library of webinars.

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