2013 Data Breaches Break All-Time Record

April 09, 2014

You may be feeling like there have been more data breaches than ever recently, in which case you would be exactly right. Risk Based Security’s Data Breach Quick view report ranks 2012 and 2013 as the top two years in total reported data breach incidents. According to the report, 2,164 data breach incidents reported during 2013 exposed over 822 million records. This number nearly doubles the amount of exposed records in the previous highest year, 2011. This is most likely due to the fact that four of the “Top 10” data breaches of all time were reported in 2013.

Of the incidents that occurred in 2013, almost 60% involved hacking and over 70% involved leaked records. While the data is collected globally, the United States was by far hit the hardest. Breaches that occurred in the United States made up 48.7% of the total with over a thousand incidents, and 66.5% of all lost records at over half a billion.

The exposed records in these breaches included all types of personal data, with passwords involved in 47.8% of incidents, and names, user IDs and email addresses all leaked in around 40% of cases. The card number, which is what most hackers are really after, was compromised in only 10.4% of incidents.

To sum all of this information up, the past two years are in the top two spots when it comes to total reported data breach incidents. In 2013 alone 822 million records were exposed, which breaks (and doubles) the previous all-time high. This is solid proof that cyber security is becoming more and more crucial as hackers become increasingly sophisticated in their methods. Companies and other institutions can’t afford to have their sensitive information leaked and their customers’ records exposed.

Here’s to the hope that 2014 reverses this trend, we experience less massive data breaches and consumers can feel like their private information is in safe hands. Let’s hope that businesses and institutions start developing and taking increased precautions when it comes to the security of their data and records.

For more information on this report visit www.riskbasedsecurity.com/2014/02/2013-data-breach-quickview.

Post by Hannah Stassi at Council of Better Business Bureaus