Phishing emails on Facebook

August 07, 2014

Have you had the unfortunate opportunity to be hacked on Facebook?  You may receive a mysterious message that seems out of character for your friend.  You find out that other friends of this same friend have also been sent the exact message.

Hackers will also create a brand new account under a made-up name, add photos from individuals whose photos they have copied and pasted, add a bio, and send “Hello notes” to unsuspecting people.  Here are some examples of email headers that one of our staff members received.

In each of these instances, the person sends an email and attempts to start a dialog with you. The person may want money from

you. They may want to steal your identity or compromise your computer by having you click on an attachment or URL link. Regardless of what they may say, it’s very important to be aware that this kind of thing goes on. If you know the person purportedly sending you the message, talk to them or call them before answering.  Another staff member received a Facebook message from a supposed friend that simply said “hey.”

Frauds are adept at reeling people in and they will not give up.  The best advice is to be aware and wary at the same time.

Should you have any questions about odd emails received from Facebook, call your BBB to report it or to ask for advice. For spam email, the best thing to do is to report it to Facebook. You can do this by clicking on “Action” and clicking on “Report Spam or Abuse.”  For the latest on scams, go to

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