BBB Reliability Reports™ Optimized for the iPhone

November 20, 2009

Milwaukee, Wis. -- Consumers with mobile phones capable of accessing the Internet have the convenience of using while on the go to make informed decisions. This week, BBB released new online Reliability Reports™ optimized for iPhone viewing.

“The new optimized view for the iPhone is more organized and easier to read,” said Randall Hoth, President/CEO of the Wisconsin BBB. “Consumers have the convenience of making faster, smarter decisions while they shop.”

iPhone users now have one-touch search capability and access to company specific details including:

BBB Accreditation
Whether the business is BBB accredited and meets BBB Standards of Trust

BBB Rating
A grade from A+ to F representing BBB’s degree of confidence that a business is operating in a trustworthy manner

Customer Complaint History
The number of complaints the business has received in the past three years, what the complaints concerned and how they were closed

Business Contact and Profile
The name, phone number, address, Web site and other basic information about a business

BBB Reliability Reports include the past three years of activity for a company and provide consumers assistance in evaluating their trustworthiness. To check the reliability of a company, visit