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Consumer Testimonials

Every year, the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau helps thousands of consumers resolve complaint issues with a company or avoid getting scammed. Below are just a few of the consumers we've helped recently and who've taken the time to thank us in writing. The Wisconsin BBB has deleted any identifying information to protect the privacy of the individuals and companies involved.


“Thank you very much. This issue was resolved promptly and very much to my satisfaction. If it weren’t for your support, I would not have resolved this problem at all. It would just like to say that I am glad that a company such as the B.B.B exists today in this world to help make it a better place to live in. Excellent job, B.B.B.”

Admir M.
Milwaukee, WI
Received 8/30/11


"Yours is the only email I could find on the page and I wanted to let someone know what a great job the BBB did on my behalf. I had a complaint #XXXXXXX and tried several approaches to resolve prior to using your service. The BBB took it investigated and resolved in about a month (to my great surprise). I also want to commend the business for resolving quickly once you got involved. To say I should have contacted you first is a major understatement. Thank you."

Bob W.
La Crosse, WI
Received 3/15/11


"After the frustation of dealing with this company, it was a pleasure to deal with an organization as efficient as the BBB of Wisconsin.  Thank you."

Susan A.
Washington, D.C.
Received 1/12/11


"Hi Kim: Good work--I actually received a call from the controller.  You are obviously good at what you do and I really appreciate it."

Kara G.
Malvern, PA
Received 1/10/11


"Hello Kim, Thanks for your help at the Better Business Bureau. [company name redacted] of
Appleton WI finally refunded me all the money. Every Penny. Thank you for your help, much appreciated."

Carol H.
Leonard, MO
Received 1/3/11


"Dear Kim, I would like to thank you for bringing closure to my dispute with [company name redacted]. Had it not been for your quick action in responding to my issue with that company it probably would not have been resolved especially to my satisfaction. You did an excellent job, and I am sincerely grateful.”

Teressa M.
San Diego, CA
Received 12/13/2010


"I wanted to let you know that [company name redacted] contacted me yesterday around 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time concerning the problem as stated in complaint #XXXXXXXXXXXX. They have ignored me for 8 days but a single contact from you produced immediate results. The company is going to send me the part so that I can repair the unit myself. I am told it is a very simple fix, but was told that if I had any problems I would need to contact them. I am certain that I would not have heard from them if you had not intervened on my behalf. Thank you."


Gary S.
Turbotville, PA
Received 12/15/2010


"I want to thank you so much for being all over this Google Checkout vehicle scamming issue.  You were on top of it and got back to me right away and were so willing to help.   It makes me proud to be a BBB member."

Dan L.
Big Bend, WI
Received 12/10/2010


"Hi Susan, Thank you for the updates and all your attempts in solving this mess, I am having the gas leak repaired from a different company and will deduct that amount from [name redacted] invoice and pay the difference."

James W.
Lake Mills, WI
Received 10/6/2010