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At the Wisconsin BBB, we do our best to make sure we have accurate information about the companies in our database. If you'd like to update the information we have about your company, please see below:

Does the BBB currently have a Business Review for your company?

If no
, click here. Once you complete all of the information, the BBB will create a BBB Business Review for your company.
If yes, but it needs to be updated, click here.
Not sure? Click here to search for your company's BBB Business Review.

Need help? Call the Wisconsin BBB at 800-273-1002 and ask one of our consumer specialists for assistance in updating your business.

Why Update Your BBB Report?

The BBB remains the go-to source for information on how businesses conduct themselves with customers, suppliers and other companies. Consumers turned to the Wisconsin BBB over 4 million times in 2012.

We publish information and ratings on all businesses, not just those companies who have met BBB standards for accreditation. Updating your business information with the BBB is free, and your information will not be sold. That information will be used to update your current public Business Review on wisconsin.bbb.org, which is searchable by consumers statewide.

BBB Accreditation

The BBB isn't just a great free resource for consumers to find trustworthy businesses like yours. We have a variety of tools and programs to help businesses that qualify and enroll in our accreditation program stand out in the marketplace, including:

  • Informative Business Reviews: Accredited Businesses may post additional information, photos, educational videos and coupons.
  • Request-A-Quote: Customers request quotes directly from you.
  • Pre-Complaint Assistance: Includes mediation and arbitration services.
  • Use of the BBB logo: Use this symbol of trust online and on your vehicles, ads and printed materials.
  • Services for You: Workshops, events, and networking opportunites designed with business owners in mind.

For more information about BBB accreditation, click here.