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BBB Accredited Charities are eligible to participate in a BBB Charity Seal Program. A BBB Charity Seal provides charities with a widely recognized and meaningful way to demonstrate their commitment to accountability and ethical practices. It conveys the charity’s adherence to strong and comprehensive standards.

Use of the BBB Charity Seal

Upon approval, the BBB Charity Seal may be used:

  • In transient advertising and solicitations such as direct mail, annual reports, newsletters, television and print advertisements, billboards & radio advertisements
  • On your organization’s website
  • To convey their commitment to accountability and adherence to strong and comprehensive standards by displaying the charity seal as depicted.

Nonprofit Capacity Building Services

  • Full time staff available to meet one-on-one with any charity working toward meeting BBB Standards for Charity Accountability
  • Access to The Mobile Giving Foundation - bringing you the power and reach of mobile phones as a new fundraising and donor interaction mechanism.
  • Charity Seal participants receive a $250 discount on the initial registration fee for the Mobile Giving Foundation. See for complete program details.

Maximize Your Accreditation

  • Trust by association – Tells donors and volunteers your charity is accountable and conscientious with their gifts
  • Keep current on marketplace issues with BBB communications, seminars & events
  • Eligible to join The Mobile Giving Foundation at reduced rates.

Community Impact

Donors expect charities to adhere to ethical standards, but aren’t sure how to confirm legitimacy. As a matter of fact, a Princeton survey found 70% of donors think it’s difficult to tell whether a charity soliciting their donation is legitimate. Therefore, many donors use BBB as a resource. In addition, your affiliation with BBB assists in our investigations to expose fraudulent charities in our local communities, and highlight those ethical charities truly helping people. Charity reports are avaiable 24/7 by visiting

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