4/14/2014 My first encounter with this business was calling in in January 2014 to place an order from their catalog. There was a 20% discount offered and I was a day late. After asking the customer service lady to make an exception, I was denied. That was ok but the representative that I spoke with was dry and unfriendly. The shoes were billed under my grandma's credit card (and the catalogue was in addressed to her) but I had the shoes mailed to me (in another state). It took several weeks to receive the shoes. Disappointment number 2. The shoe didn't fit so I returned for an exchange for a better size. This next pair arrived again at my address. After a couple weeks of wearing them, a piece of leather lace broke. I spoke with another customer service representative who was ok but still not friendly. She charged my credit card to send out a replacement pair. THEY MAILED THE REPLACEMENT PAIR TO MY GRANDMA IN ANOTHER STATE. Disappointment number 4. What a pain in the butt!. My grandma had to mail them to me. Again, several weeks went by from the time of my call until their arrival at my home. I called to make a complaint to a customer service supervisor. This person was very rude. It is ridiculous that they mailed to the wrong address after having 2 prior shipments to my address. The supervisor's response was that my grandma's name and address were the original on the catalogue and in their system. Still no excuse. The supervisor never took responsibility for the companies error and made me feel like I was at fault for not verifying the delivery address (instead of the representative that took the order over the phone). I am super angry and disappointed. I have unsubscribed from their emails that they somehow started sending me without my request. But I continue to get their emails. This is no good.
This customer had a NEGATIVE experience with this business.
This customer WOULD NOT recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.
by Traci G. on 4/14/2014 | Submit a Customer Review
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