7/9/2013 We called Otto Paap to inquire if they would repair our lawn tractor and they said they could. We brought tractor to their shop and they said it would be 7 - 10 days for them to assess the problem. We heard nothing so we called them after 14 days and were told that they had not yet had time to look at our mower. When we called today (nearly a month after taking the mower there) we were told that they had not yet looked at the mower and that in order to look at the mower they would have to take the engine out to assess the belived issue. When questioned as to why we had not been called with this information we were told that it would be $150 to have them assess the issue and did we want it done or not. They were rude and their service was very poor. They never contacted us with information and when we called they actted like we were bothering them. This is a local business and we would have liked to do business with them (perhaps even purchase a new mower if ours couldn't be repaired) but now we must arrange to have our mower seen by someone else who is willing to be fair with their promises.
This customer had a NEGATIVE experience with this business.
by Lori J. on 7/9/2013 | Submit a Customer Review
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