5/30/2014 I'm a dog groomer who recently started shopping at Feed Bag Pet Supply, but after my experience today, I will not be returning. On May 17, Feed Bag held a fundraiser where with a minimum donation of $20, customers could pay to have their pet wash, dried, and brushed. This was advertised via email for weeks leading up to the event. I typically groom my dog and like use some special shampoo and conditioner for my dog's skin, but I still wanted to participate in the fundraiser. My dog weighs 60lbs and has a thick coat, so my fiancée and I donated $15 more than the suggested amount, and provided the employees with my dog's shampoo and conditioner. My fiancée took our dog to Feed Bag for the fundraiser on May 17 around 11am. After 15min, our dog was returned to him soaking wet and he noticed they did not use the shampoo and conditioner he gave them. When my fiancée returned home with my soaking wet dog, I called the store to find out if there was a reason why my dog was not dried and why the shampoo and conditioner wasn't used. After reexamining the advertisement, the store manager reluctantly gave me a $35 credit on my account and assured me the money would not be taken out of the fundraiser. I returned to Feed Bag on May 30 to purchase some items and use my credit. I spoke with an employee upon entering the store to confirm that I did in fact receive the credit. I was told that I had the credit, but I had to check out with the owner. When I went up to the counter to check out, the owner checked all my items in a polite manner, but as soon as I mentioned the credit he looked at me and told me he was "very disappointed with me." I expressed that I was disappointed with the service I received. He told me I should have known better then to bring my large dog to a fundraiser like this and expect her to be wash, dried, and brushed (even though this is what was advertised). I informed him that I am a dog groomer and that my dog would have been able to be washed, brushed and partially dried in 30min. He responded by telling me I was in the wrong business and that I didn't know what I was doing. He continued his insults and 'disappointment' as I paid for my items. The discount was included, but only after he told me it would be taken out of the fundraiser money. After I signed my receipt, he told me he was firing me as a customer and that I was no longer welcome back to the store. As I was walking out, I thanked the other employees who have been extremely helpful and kind to me during my time there, and apologized for their boss' rudeness. All the while, he was yelling 'Out!' This exchange happened in front of several other customers and employees. I found his behavior to be extremely unprofessional and distasteful. I will not be returning and I will encourage my clients to do the same.
This customer had a NEGATIVE experience with this business.
This customer WOULD NOT recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.
by Jamie S. on 5/30/2014 | Submit a Customer Review


Comment from the Business *** ****** was a customer of ours until recently. She sent her dog into our place of business for a charity fundraiser dog wash performed by local high school students. A few hours after her dog went home *** ****** called and demanded a refund because her dog was not dried to her satisfaction. She was offered repeatedly the option of returning with the dog to rectify the situation but she declined and demanded a refund. As a store that strives to the highest ethics and integrity our management team felt that *** ****** was not the type of customer we cared to do business with. The actions of anyone who claims to be a groomer and sends a double-coated dog in for washing and drying by high school kids, then demanding her money back from a charitable cause are reprehensible.  *** ****** was refunded her money in the form of an in-store credit, which she used. When *** ****** was informed that she was no longer welcome at The Feed Bag, she began to use profanity and was then ordered to leave. It appears that from her own words in a complaint she filed with the Better Business Bureau that she intends to use her position as a groomer to tarnish the name of The Feed Bag Pet Supply in the eyes of potential new and existing customers. This complaint and the implied threats are unfounded and unprofessional. We do not feel that this customer has a legitimate complaint against The Feed Bag Pet Supply. She asked for, and was given a refund. Thank you, **** ******, Owner The Feed Bag Pet Supply by on 6/3/2014

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