5/6/2015 I can't speak to the quality or "precision" of the painting services offered as they never even came to our house to look at the job after 2 no-show appointments and 2 canceled appointments. We received a gift certificate for 1 day (8 hours) of painting that was purchased in an auction. We scheduled our first appointment to look at the job, and received an email confirmation with the wrong date and wrong time. I waited at our house both on the scheduled date and time and the email confirmation time, and nobody showed for either. I called the company and they apologized and rescheduled. On the rescheduled date, I called to confirm the appointment and it was canceled by the company. Again, they rescheduled. On the third try, I again called to confirm the appointment and it was canceled and rescheduled again. Upon scheduling a third appointment, we again received an email confirmation with the wrong date an time. Finally, on the 4th try, we set a date and time to meet. After waiting at my house for nearly 2 hours, nobody ever showed to the appointment. I called the owner, ***, to ask why he no-showed me again. He did not answer my call and I left a voicemail. So I subsequently call the company office to ask why I was left hanging for a fourth time. They obviously apologized and said they would get back to me immediately. 4 days have now gone by and I have yet to receive a phone call, email or apology for standing me up a 4th time. It is extremely unprofessional, frustrating and disappointing to be canceled on twice and no-showed twice. These were dates and times that the company dictated and I arranged my schedule to accommodate their dates/times. After no-showing/canceling for a 4th time, they don't even have the decency to call me back and apologize. Apparently they are perfectly comfortable to just let this opportunity pass by after they screwed me 4 times. If I didn't have a gift certificate, I would have called another company after they canceled on me the second time. Now I'm three weeks behind in finding a painting company to do the job, as I was relying on using the gift certificate. 1.) They can't take appointments and send a correct email confirmation. 2.) They can't show up to appointments THEY scheduled. 3.) They can't can't communicate either by phone or email. 4.) They can't apologize for screwing a potential customer 4 times. 5.) They don't have the decency to own up to their mistakes and make up for it. They are totally comfortable to just **** off customers. 6.) They are obviously not concerned with their reputation. I understand mistakes happen, but not having a care in the world about reputation or professionalism is disgusting. There are now 6 families that know about this experience and I'm sharing it here so that nobody has to suffer like I did. "Proud and Precision"??? There is none of either...
This customer had a NEGATIVE experience with this business.
This customer WOULD NOT recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.
by Jason R. on 5/6/2015 | Submit a Customer Review
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