4/29/2014 National Glass and Shower Door was the company our builder used for installing bathroom mirrors / shower glass. I contacted National Glass the week of July 8th, 2013 to make our selections and left a message. I called every month until December and received no response/call back. FINALLY, on December 8th (6 months after the day I initially contacted them), I received a call back. I was told I didn't need to come in to make a selection because everything is standard and there are no options. I came to find out this was COMPLETELY UNTRUE and that we could have chosen the type of edge we want and different frames for our shower glass. Our mirrors/glass were installed the week of February 3rd. The master bath mirror was not cut to fit our space and their were uneven gaps on both sides. The shower glass was also installed so unprofessionally that it over an inch difference from the top of the grout line to the bottom. I was told by National Glass that we don't get custom mirrors (which in fact we did and was part of our contact) and they're paid to cut their mirrors straight, so if our walls are crooked (making their mirror/glass look crooked) that it's not their problem. After seeing the install, our builder agreed it was completely unacceptable and called them to bring out new mirrors/glass. A month later, our new mirror was installed. This mirror fit the wall lengthwise but bowed out so much in the center that it hung over the backsplash in the middle and left 1/2 in of the backsplash exposed on the sides. I was told the mirror was "suck in." As for the shower glass, their solution was to put chrome peel and stick strips on the two sides. It looked even more ridiculous and I told them that didn't fix the problem. I was told to call ***** or *** about this. I tried to contact them 5 times between Feb 24th and April 14th. I received excuse after excuse on why no one was getting back to me. Finally, on April 29th they returned to fix both issues after being contacted by our builder. *** came with his crew and treated me more unprofessionally than I can even explain. He basically blamed us and the builder for everything and wouldn't take responsibility for any issues. He wouldn't even acknowledge their lack of customer service and inability to return phone calls. He (the owner) WALKED OUT in the middle of the conversation and left his workers here to figure it out. He muttered some inappropriate phrases as he walked out of our home. I refuse to be treated this way in my own home by people who are suppose to be providing me a service. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone!!!
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by Melissa D. on 4/29/2014 | Submit a Customer Review
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