6/2/2014 I purchased what was marketed as one of the Water Proof Great Mats for Basement Floors, aka Martial Arts Mats. A year and a half after this mat was on my basement floor I pulled it up do discover water and mold underneath it. I had lived in the house 5 years and never had a water issue before. Turns out I didn’t have a water issue, but a moisture issue amplified by the floor being there. Before installing the floor, I had carpet down. The carpet was never once moist or wet, because it was breathable, unlike the floor that was sold to me. Customer service, including the owner ***** was extremely rude. Blaming me for the purchase despite admitting they should have not have sold a floor for a basement floor, even though it’s marketed as a basement floor. Their best solve was to give me a 20% store credit on a future purchase. We’ll I’m out the $688.00 I spent on the floor, and the $175 to rent a floor scrubber to remove the mold, and seal and finish my floor (this does not include my time). I did this, so I could actually provide the safe place for my child to play, that their mats could not. There is nothing safe about laying a floor down that traps air movement and creates mold. I suggest you read other reviews and see people’s reactions when they have an issue taken to customer service. Below is my full timeline. Install February 2013. Week of 4-28-2014 - I lifted the tiles to discover moisture on the basement floor. ?The other half of my basement not covered by this floor has had no issues, and still does not have issues. Mold was created by their floor. 5-3-2014 – I pulled up all of the tiles to find moisture, mold and stains on my floor, and my Great Mats Floor. ? 5-7-2014 – I contacted Great Mats to let him know of the issue, and I sent them pictures. Their response was to sell me additional tiles that would fit between my floor and my Great Mat tiles. I then contacted the salesmen by phone to discuss the situation. At that time, he told me it would have been a good idea to ask me if I had a moisture issue in my basement before selling me the floor. ? 5-9-2014 – I contacted a supervisor. No resolution. ? 5-12-2014 – I contacted Supervisor again, no resolution. ? 5-14 –2014 – Supervisor responds to me that she will not accept my offer, and explains that Great mat tiles would be like putting down a sheet of plastic on a basement floor, before putting carpet on top of that. As I told that Supervisor and the owner *****, why would anyone ever put plastic down in their basement with carpet on top of it. That would create a mold issue, exactly it has here. ? 5-15-2014 – I called and talked to the Supervisor, and her response was to call on Friday (5-16) when the owner ***** is back at work, and ask for him. ? 5-16-2014 – I called to talk to *****. ******* first response back to me was why am I not talking to a supervisor about my issue? ******* next response was to make sure my dirt was graded away from my house, and to make sure my gutters were cleaned. I’ve lived in the house for 5 years before putting down his floor, and never had a water issue. I found it insulting that he would not listen to the problem, and insisted that I have water in my basement. He also talked to me about having moisture problem at his “cabin”… and he would not recommend this floor for his cabin (he claimed if you run a dehumidifier, then you should not use his flooring. What basement does not use a dehumidifier?) My question once again, why did anyone not ask me that when they were selling me the floor? Why does their website not say anything about that. He told me the salesmen’s solution to sell me extra tile would not fix the problem. I told him I would be purchasing an area rug to put over part of my floor to provide a safe place for my son to play, that his material did not. ******* response was “we sell area rugs, they are not going to be the $49.00 area rug you are going to buy from Target, ours are American Made”. Why did ***** assume I was going to Target, I felt insulted by his comment. ******* response to my issue was “he would get back to me early the following week.” I didn’t hear from him on the 19, 20, 21, and 22. I called at 10:40am on the 23rd and left him a voice mail as his staff said he was on the phone, and another reported he was in a meeting. ***** then emailed me back 10 minutes later with a 20% store credit offer. One thing you never saw in this review was an apology or a timely response from the OWNER. It’s not the problem; it’s how it’s handled. After I told the owner I was never apologized to, and I thought his 20% future credit offer was insulting... do you think he ever responded? No. Not as of May 30th 2014. Why would I purchase anything else from a company, and person whose teated me so poorly? Why would anyone?
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by Patrick R. on 6/2/2014 | Submit a Customer Review
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