2/13/2014 Here is my unheard story. My background with money was not good, but it was not bad either. I worked all my life and am determine to improve on my financial background. My credit isn't good, but it doesn't mean I am not a good person. It just means I had made bad decisions when I was an adolescent. I was irresponsible in the past with money, and I have been taking the initiative steps to clean them up and been successful doing so at the same time. My path to be financially stable is still ongoing, but will soon end since I’ll reach my goals. I'm just an average person. I pay my taxes, employed full-time, a good citizen, etc. Anyways, my experience with Summit Credit Union period was awful. Their advertisement and website seems user friendly, but when I went down there personally, it was a different story. They contradict what they advertised on their website under their about section, "Summit Credit Union connects people and inspires action to create member and community wealth" and bankers communicate how they are here for the people and to assist them financially, etc. I was referred by a friend that this would be the bank to bank with since I heard good things about credit unions and I wanted a credit union account. I like to make sure I am well prepared because my time is valuable. I called ahead of time, several months prior and spoke to a member representative and even went into one of the branches to confirm what I need to do in order to open an account. I asked them to make sure if there was anything I need to clear up and the representative found something in Chex systems. She had advised me how to clear it up and I asked if I could provide a receipt or statement and she said yes, that would be fine. So I went to the bank that reported me and I paid them off. I got something from that bank to verify that it was paid and settled. Afterwards, I went to a local Summit branch office, the branched looked nice and decent. It wasn't a lot of employees or helpers available, but I waited to speak with a banker to open a checking account. The representative took my information and asked me questions. I explained the representative my story, provided the proof and my application was denied. The representative couldn’t open me a checking account, because it was still reporting in Chex system, but it was reported paid. So I asked what seems to be the problem. He gave me a general explanation and just didn’t want to work with me; maybe it was because of my color and he didn’t understand where I was coming from. So I told him I’ll try again and take my business elsewhere. I felt very disappointed that I took my time before hand and got denied. So I went to another Summit bank location. I did the same thing, explained the representative my story and she called the representative that initially submitted my application. Uh yeah, hello… There is a reason why I am asking you for help. So she kindly denied me. So I went back home, called Summit Credit Union to find someone that can help me or is willing to help me. I spoke to a representative and at this point I was just emotional, disappointed and disheartened. Someone coming from a customer service background, I know and understand that there is a way to help someone especially, if you are knowledgeable of what management can do for you. Customers are always right. So I challenged the guy. I asked the guy where in your policy or criteria that it states that I cannot open a checking account if a bill in Chex system was paid and was reporting paid. He put me on hold. He came back. He couldn’t find the policy. He asked me, why do I want to bank with Summit Credit Union? I was just surprised. I told him I had my personal reasons and that had me upset even more. Of course, I was referred by a friend by your service and good ratings, but I didn’t tell him that since he stupidly asked me that question. Someone who asks me that type of question wouldn’t even comprehend what I am saying. I asked if there anything that he could do for me, can I open a savings account? He said no. So at this point, the decision to even continue trying at this point was a no go for me. For the majority of the bank that I had called to check their policy, those banks would accept this scenario and that was the next thing that happened. I didn’t give up, because when there is a will there is always a way. When one door closes another door opens. I went to one of their competitors, who are one of the largest credit union in Wisconsin that was ranked the best credit unions to bank with. I went into their branch, explained my situation, provided the receipt that I paid off the bill to the bank that reported me in Chex system, and they approved me. I am worth more with them just like their slogan. This proves that Summit Credit Union has managers with bad judgments working for them. Summit credit unions with managers who cannot understand or don’t have good discretion on a case by case scenario, wouldn’t be a place I would want to bank at all and recommend to others. The credit union that I am now a member of didn’t discriminate or judge me and understood where I was coming from. I normally don’t write a review, but out of justice and fairness for me and others who want to better themselves, that is why I am voicing my experience. Stay away and clear from Summit Credit Unions!
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