2/13/2014 I had some NSF charges - 2 - for $32.00 each totaling $64.00 due to a deposit arriving a day later than I expected. They did honor the outstanding checks for which I am grateful. Something similar had happened a few months ago and I was happy to know that they would refund the charge. This time though that did not happen and while I feel $32.00 is excessive I talked to a supervisor/manager about my issue and stated that I've been an excellent customer for many years and hoped that would make a difference. While I understand that this is how some businesses make a lot of extra money (thru fees and charges) it never hurts to ask. The main problem I had is the person (supervisor) I talked to was exceptionally condescending in response to my inquiry - talking down to me like I was a child asking for an extra piece of candy. This is not the kind of place I can see doing regular future business with if this is the kind of Customer Service I can expect to deal with in the future. This woman could care less about helping me and made it seem like it was an extreme imposition for me to even waste her time asking. I am most disappointed and while I usually don't file complaints I felt I had to in this instance. Thanks for listening. I don't expect anything to be done though - its the way of the world today.
This customer had a NEGATIVE experience with this business.
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by Sid J. on 2/13/2014 | Submit a Customer Review
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