7/13/2014 Recently closed my account after 9 years of being a customer. Anchor seems to be taking steps to correct itself recently. The reason why i left is because I could not stand the lack of hygiene from the manager at the west allis location. Do not interact with her often, but every time i did i was insulted at the lack of respect for herself and her customers. I almost vomited from the repugnant scent. What made me close my account was the lack of care from other staff, I brought it up to the ladies at the teller line they shrugged it off like its the norm. Its embarassing to share this experience. I also banked at several of your branches in the milwaukee area and after sharing my concern with those managers they were equally as uninterested as the teller line. Maybe anchor should start giving nose plugs after you open your account.
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by Rather N. on 7/13/2014 | Submit a Customer Review


Comment from the Business We are sorry your experiences were not consistently good ones. Thank you for your feedback. We learn and grow from it. This issue has been discussed with appropriate bank personnel. by on 7/17/2014

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