3/4/2015 I went in to browse used vehicles during some leisure time on a Saturday. A friend recommended Schoepp, and their reviews online were mostly positive, so I decided to look there first. I'm a female college student with a budget and some dings on my credit, who has been insanely worried about purchasing a used car that might be a lemon from a pushy salesman. ****** didn't take advantage of my inexperience, and he didn't treat me any differently after I talked about my budget and credit. I did end up purchasing a reliable used car (2013 Ford Focus) after shopping around for a while from ****** at Schoepp. He was the most low-key salesman I've ever met, and at no point did I feel uncomfortable or pushed with him. He provided me with a Carfax and their extensive Prepurchase Inspection before I'd even asked. I noticed some marks on the ceiling I mentioned in passing, and I found out he sent the car to be re-detailed before I picked it up. I consider myself a happy customer, and will definitely return if he stays there. The only negative aspect to my review came from the Finance Department. The finance manager was pretty pushy with the Extended Warranty--in fact, he didn't even phrase it as a question and I felt backed into purchasing it. I did call back later to speak with ****** about it, and he mentioned not only that the warranty covered a bunch of products, but the repairs would cost less, too. I ended up buying it, because it's worth it for a high mileage used car and my peace of mind. Overall, I'm very pleased.
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by Sarah F. on 3/4/2015 | Submit a Customer Review
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