10/16/2013 My husband and I wanted to purchase a new 2014 vehicle. We went through our military insurance and received a pre-negotiated no haggle price for the car we wanted where we print a certificate with the pricing and go into the dealership and any certified dealer will honor the price. We've used it before and it's wonderful, no negotiating needed. It's done on our behalf. My husband called prior to going to make sure Uptown not only had the vehicle we wanted but could honor the price, they said yes. So we drove an hour there to get the car. When we arrived they showed us to a 2013 - at no point were we interested in a 2013. Not sure if they thought we wouldn't notice or what. So they showed us their 2014 stock, we decided on the one we wanted and gave them our certificate. The sales manager, ****** ****** stated he could not give us the pre-negotitated price and wanted $1500 MORE. Stating that no other dealership could as well, he could print their invoices to prove it, etc, etc. We would not agree, again pre-negotiated on our behalf and shouldn't have to pay any more. It was supposed to be as simple as pie. So off we went 20 minutes down the road to the next dealership who was a certified dealer. We walked in with our certificate and within minutes were told they could give us that price (no surprise) with contract in hand. Unfortunately they didn't have the exact vehicle we wanted but were willing to have it transferred the next business day (it was a Saturday), from Uptown. Uptown stated on Monday they had potential buyers on the car (which was us from 2 days before) but would transfer it after if no contact was made with the potential buyers. We got the good news Tuesday morning that Uptown would transfer the vehicle to the other dealership and they were preparing for a driver. ****** called my husband that afternoon to see where we were at with the car buying. He informed ****** we were in the middle and were in fact getting the car transferred since he could not meet our price but the other dealership could. It wasn't until ****** knew it was us requesting the transfer that he then told my husband he was denying the transfer and he had that right because it was his stock and they have limited stock. If it was a business decision I could have accepted that, but to agree to a transfer and then change your mind once you realize it's for the initial buyers you could not sell it too is unprofessional and unethical. It was no longer a business decision but a personal one done out of spite and pure spite alone. Uptown dealership is shady beyond belief! Not only did they lie and tell us they could give us the certificate price, they wasted 4 hours of our time by having us drive an hour each way and spend 2 hours there trying to negotiate what was supposed to be a pre-negotiated no-hassle price! On top of that they tried to switch us out with the older model like we couldn't tell! Then ****** acted completely unprofessional by refusing to transfer the car. We would have bought it from him if he had agreed to the price he initially said he would. Not our fault he lied, so we went to a dealership that would take our price. Be prepared to be cheated and screwed over by Uptown if you go to buy a car there! I have never had such an awful experience. There are too many Dodge dealerships around to buy from Uptown, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!
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