9/16/2015 Not a pleasant experience overall. I got the usual sales techniques from the manager including no direct answers to my questions, to answering with a question back to my like "Well, it sounds like you have been shopping around, what price are you looking for?" Yes, I'm spending $50K on a new truck, of course I am shopping around, could you please just give me a straight answer. I have two kids under 3 and need two car seats appropriately anchored to the truck. I talked to 4 people at Safro and none could give any help with how to anchor 2 car seats--I've read the manual and there is only instruction on how one works with their unique anchoring system. The staff at the dealer literally just passed the phone around. The last guy said, "Hey, I'm just a finance guy. I came around the corner and somebody handed me the phone." Bad sales **** before the sale and now this is the service I get after spending almost $50K at their dealership. Short answer for me: I will not buy a vehicle from Safro Toyota ever again. And there's a good chance I'll be leaving the brand as well. Just too many options for reliable brands out there, and too many Toyota dealers to deal with Safro again.
This customer had a NEGATIVE experience with this business.
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by josh on 9/16/2015 | Submit a Customer Review
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